Amorphophallus titanum (2017)

Amorphophallus titanum is a series which explores concepts of beauty and mortality in society. Named after the Latin name for the Corpse Flower, this project mimics the plant's unsettling effect on its audience. The beautiful flower acts as any other, drawing in an audience to observe its natural beauty. However, once approached, its audience are overcome with the nauseating smell of death. These images, aim to recreate this effect visually by, just like the flower, reminding us that even the beautiful die. By relaying faint, partial images of the models on top of themselves, Amorphophallus Titanum explores the idea of our decaying physicality and self-image after death. By photographing this phenomenon, this project aims to both immortalise and destroy the image of the model to recreate our conflicting internalised process of death.

The series has been selected for public exhibition at: